What to Pack in Your Purse

So I know everyone has their different go-to's for their bag. But, as a mom I have had many items circulating in and out of my purse... and these are my staples that you really won't catch me without. 

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Day Planner

day planner that I carry in my Ixchel Triangle Explorer bag

I'm not a huge fan of doing anything electronically, so I always have a day planner with me to help me stay organized. I know it's not the popular choice for scheduling and keeping organized, but it's what works for me and I'm not willing to part with it!


sketchbook for ixchel triangle product designs

Following suit with my lack of interest in doing things electronically, a notebook or sketchbook is always a must for me. I love to create drawings and sketches for new designs and you never know when an idea is going to hit you! I am also so fortune to have Semei, our lead in design production, to work with. He has an incredible engineering oriented mind that can take my simple sketches for designs and work backwards to bring them to life.


hydroflask carried in ixchel triangle explorer bag

Once you finally find yourself in the groove of drinking enough water, your life will change. I promise you. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things I do to take care of my body and my mind. You won't catch me without my water bottle and of course some snacks (because I'm always eating) in my bag. 

Barre Socks/Towel

I always have what I need to sneak off for a quick workout if I have the time, and it's something I would recommend to everyone! Just keep whatever you need to get moving (hair tie, sneakers, headphones, change of clothes) in your car or bag if you're already wearing the work out clothes and just need the final go-to's. I mentioned it in this blog post, but Beyond Yoga apparel is a huge part of my wardrobe. So, if I have my barre socks and towel with me I'm ready to go at a moments notice! 

Explorer Bag found at www.ixcheltriangle.com

I love my Explorer Bag for a big roomy tote to carry all my go-to's in, but lately I've been carrying around one of our newer totes that will be available for purchase very soon! If you're local and have seen me carrying it, you know why I'm obsessed! It's gorgeous. 

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