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the /ärt/

the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for its beauty and emotional power.

Our products are new, but their souls are old. We believe Ixchel Triangle bags are unique pieces of art, many of which are intricately hand woven or beaded traditionally on a backstrap loom. Our products encompass history, tradition, and culture of indigenous Mayan women and men, and have the strength to carry more than expected. Our focus is on the art, on preservation, on continuing education, on creativity, and on ethics. You are invited to join us in our mission!

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brief 33

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Whether you have a meeting or are out on the town our leather brief suits all occasions and lasts a lifetime. It is made with the highest grade genuine full hide leather obtainable in Guatemala. What we love about this bag is its natural markings how beautifully it wears overtime! This bag comes with adjustable leather shoulder strap, as well as your choice of one hand woven strap for Guatamalan flare. Both straps are removable.  Please leave choice of strap in notes.


  • exterior zippered pocket
  • interior zippered pocket
  • removable leather cross body/shoulder strap
  • removable hand woven cross body/shoulder strap/camera strap
  • metal hardware 
  • cotton lining


  • 12.5"H, 16"W, 5.5"D
  • handle drop 4.5"


Weaving with the backstrap loom is the traditional style of weaving in the Mayan culture. Women in the highlands of Guatemala are using the same techniques as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.  A strap is used around the weavers back while the other end of the loom is secured to a tree or post. While weaving, the woman leans back, thus using her body weight to control the tension on the loom. 

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