Meet The Maker: Semei

At Ixchel Triangle we are on a mission to support people, and fight the machine. We believe that ethical vendors, shops, and artisans produce some of the most beautiful and high quality goods that money can buy. You can trust that every handmade item that is purchased directly supports artisans and families in Guatemala, like the artisans we will be highlighting in our new "Meet the Maker" series! The artisans are paid above market wages for their talents, and thrive as highly valued members of our team.
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This week we’d like you to meet our Lead in Design Production: Semei!

Semei has been working with us here at Ixchel Triangle for the last 8 years, and this past year he really stepped into his calling. We faced a tough loss during the pandemic; Don Juan, who had been with Ixchel Triangle since the very beginning, passed away due to covid. He left a huge hole in our hearts and in our business. But it was so inspiring to see Simei rise to the occasion and was able to become our head bag maker. While it was horribly sad circumstances, it has given Simei the freedom and opportunity to absolutely flourish.
From a young age it was easy to see that Simei had a mind for design. His father, Tomas, also works with us, but Semei is so skilled he quickly surpassed his father’s talents. It’s amazing to see an idea thoughtfully taken back to its place of origin by Semei. He is able to look at a rough sketch or design and work backward to figure out how it needs to be constructed. We are so fortunate to have him on our team!
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A little more about Semei

He is 25 years old and lives with his parents Don Tomas and Dona Manuela as well as his two younger sisters, who he helps to support. His home is in a town called Chichicastenango, which is in the highlands of Guatemala. Semei is an indigenous Mayan and speaks Spanish, but his firm language and what is spoken amongst their family and community is K’iche -- he understands English pretty well, too! His favorite food is roast, and he’s also an avid runner! Interesting fact about Semei: he once broke his leg, but is thankful to God that he is still able to run! We are very thankful, too :)
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We are honored to be able to share a bit about Semei with you all! The next time you look at one of our beautiful bags, you can thank Semei for bringing it to life!

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