9 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Check Out

Building a wardrobe with pieces from sustainable fashion brands not only helps our planet, it also makes your life a whole lot easier. Hear me out: when you purchase pieces from brands who believe in "slow fashion", you curate timeless looks without having to worry about things going in and out of style.

Slow fashion is simply the opposite of fast fashion (well, duh) Fast fashion is all about cycling through hot trends as fast as possible, dumping them, and moving on to the next fleeting look. Slow fashion is all about producing pieces that have a timeless look about them, that have been in style for years, and will continue to be in style for years to come. 

9 sustainable fashion brands to check out

Here 9 Sustainable Fashion Brand to Check Out. They just might make your life easier (and leave you feeling your best!)


longway sustainably made fashion brand

why we love them: woman owned, timeless yet stylish pieces

where they're located: Marin County, California (clothing is crafted in California and Peru)

favorite piece: BRALETTE | black – LONGWAY (longwaycalifornia.com)


Pons sustainably made shoes

why we love them: Avarcas—also known as abarcas and Menorquinas—are a traditional footwear of Menorca, Spain. These shoes are timeless, crafted to last, and versatile enough for any occasion. 

where they're located: Made on the Spanish island of Menorca

favorite piece: Classic Style Women Tan Avarca | Avarcas USA


oddbird sustainably made fashion and apparel brand

why we love them: Cozy, staple pieces, ethically made traditional Turkish weavings on 100 year old looms!

where they're located: Made in Turkey, headquarters in Arcadia, California

favorite piece: Introducing the 'Aydin' Lounge Dress – OddBird Co.


suunday sustainable fashion brand

why we love them: small batch clothing line that features simple, high-quality pieces that are easy to wear and easy to love

where they're located: Mesa, Arizona

favorite piece: The Dolman Dress in Clay – Suunday

Christy Dawn

christy dawn sustainably made fashion brand

why we love them: organic/naturally dyed staple pieces and special occasion dresses. full farm to closet visibility. 

where they're located: LA, California

favorite piece: The Aimee Dress | Biscotti Cosmo Floral – Christy Dawn


pact sustainably made clothing brand

why we love them: every day staple pieces that are created to last, made with organic cotton in a fair trade factory

where they're located: Boulder, Colorado

favorite piece: Women’s Essential Vintage Raw-hem Sweatshirt made with Organic Cotton | Pact (wearpact.com)

Girlfriend Collective

girlfriend collective sustainably made fashion brand

why we love them: made from recycled materials, size inclusive

where they're located: Seattle, Washington

favorite piece: Black High-Rise Run Short — Girlfriend Collective


Patagonia sustainably made fashion brand

why we love them: ethically made, durable, outdoor ware that is versatile and timeless

where they're located: Ventura, California

favorite piece: Patagonia Women's Reclaimed Fleece Pullover

Ixchel Triangle

ixchel triangle sustainably made Brief leather bag carried in the desert

We'll go ahead and anchor this list! Ixchel Triangle is committed to working with indigenous men and women in Guatemala to sustainable source all materials used for our bags. We use a natural dye process that has been passed down for generation, as well as always work to improve the land and lives of our Guatemalan team members. We focus on timeless designs that will never go out of style, so you can be proud to carry your Ixchel Triangle bag for years to come!


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