My Top 5 Favorite Ethically Made Products I Use Everyday

Shopping ethically is so important to me. Not only do I hold a high value for ensuring that humans are paid fairly for their work and products are made sustainably, but I also know that when I have ethically made products as my go-to’s, it shifts the energy. 

When I know that the bag I’m carrying or the shoes I’m wearing were made ethically, it allows me to carry myself feeling aligned with my values. I’m telling you, if you want a confidence boost, try surrounding yourself with products that reflect your values, it really will make such a difference. (you can check out a list of some values that might be important to you here)

For me, I have a long list of ethical products and companies I love, but today I’m sharing my top 5 favorite ethically made products that I use every single day.

My top 5 ethically made products I use everyday

1. Avarcas Pons

Pons shoes by Avarcas USA

If you don’t know by now, I am absolutely obsessed with my pons. I have them in about 5 different colors and it is rare that you will spot me wearing anything else (unless I’m working out)

I love that all (really, all!) the materials used for this shoe are locally and ethically sourced in Spain. The Pons workshop in Ciutadella is owned and operated by the third-generation of the Pons family and employs about a dozen local craftspeople.

We featured Avarcas USA as part of our Ethical Brands We Love Blog Series last month, you can check that post out here!  

2. Allbirds Running Shoes

Allbirds Running Shoes

Okay, since I hinted at it above, if I’m not wearing my Pons, I’m wearing my Allbirds Running Shoes! These are the most comfortable, durable, and environmentally friendly work out shoes on the market. 

If reversing climate change and reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, you’ve got to check out this company. They use organic and renewable materials like wool, tree fiber, sugar, and Trino to manufacture every shoe. TrinoXO™ is the first everyday apparel fabric to use pure chitosan fiber, a natural odor-fighter harvested from discarded snow crab shells and the number two most abundant biopolymer on earth.So cool. 

Additionally, by 2025 Allbirds has committed to 100% of Allbirds’ wool coming from regenerative sources, and reducing or sequestering 100% of on-farm emissions from Allbirds’ wool.

3. Oddbird Bathrobe

Oddbird Company Bath Robe

When I tell you this bathrobe is everything, it’s an understatement. Oddbird’s entire loungewear collection is beautiful, ethical, and comfortable, but I am quite taken with my bathrobe. If you don’t believe me, just get one and we can compare notes!

Oddbird Co. was established in late 2015 Ceren Alkaç-Lee (pronounced Jeren), a Turkish native, wife and mother to 5 who now resides in Los Angeles. Oddbird was born from Ceren’s deep desire to showcase and share the traditional handcrafted textiles of her homeland of Turkey while creating sustainable alternatives to the most used and loved items for the home and body.

Give them a follow on instagram, you won’t regret it!


4. Beyond Yoga Apparel

Beyond Yoga Apparel

You really can’t beat Beyond Yoga for quality, ethical, sustainable, size inclusive work out apparel. Their line of fabric is so soft, comfortable, and versatile. All the clothes are designed and produced in LA, and it shows in the quality. 

They have sizes for every body, XXS - 4X, and furthermore they are known for never retouching their models and celebrating REAL bodies. 

You can learn more about what they are doing to create a sustainable and ethical business model here.


5. Gronn Glassware

Gronn Glassware

Gronn glassware is so stunning and is all made of repurposed glass bottles.

You can find Gronn Glassware on a platform called UTZ Market,  which connects artisans and local Guatemalan producers to buyers around the world in a way that celebrates culture & tradition.

A word from from Gronn, 

Every day we recover thousands of discarded bottles before they go to waste. Through our handmade process we not only create beautiful glassware, we also provide job opportunities for women in our community. Strongly driven by women empowerment, 80% of our staff and leadership are women.

We have transformed more than 250,000 bottles into amazing products. 

Bonus Product.. of course

I hope you learned about a brand that maybe you haven’t explored yet, because any of these brands not only are ethical and have beautiful products -- but their customer service is tops because they really care about what they do. The bonus product that I’ll include on my list is obviously my Ixchel Triangle Tik Bag. It’s my favorite go-to and really does the trick for almost every occasion. All of our bags are handmade and signed by artists that are personally known -- mine is signed by Semei, who you can read about here

Ixchel Triangle Tik Bag found at

I love the community of ethical brands that I get to know, collaborate with, and enjoy. What are your favorite ethical brands or products; let me and everyone else know in the comments!

ethically made products I use everyday

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