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We love and respect artisan made slow fashion because it’s not only an integral piece of who we are, but we’ve seen how it truly makes the world a better place. Sustainability makes the world a better place. Treating people with fairness makes the world a better place. But even more than that, the beautiful designs and artistry showcased in artisan made products just make the world a better, brighter place.

Check out these Arisan Brands I Know You’ll Love


Artisan brands you'll love at

Products: Blankets, towels, robes, and other staple home pieces

Origin: Turkey

Our Favorite: Limited Edition Sefa Robe – OddBird Co.

I talked about my Oddbird bathrobe in my Top 5 Ethically Made Products I Use Everyday blog. But really, everything that Oddbird makes is stunning.

Working with family weavers who have practiced their craft for generations, Oddbird’s goal is not only to support artisans in their craft so that they are able to keep Turkish traditions alive, but to ensure they are thriving both at work and in their personal lives. For this reason, Oddbird has always and will continue to pay our artisans above industry standards. Our dream is that as we grow, we’re able to take our artisans with us, so our success is their success.

Avarcas USA

Artisan brands we love at

Products: Pons, Avarcas (Avarcas—also known as abarcas and Menorquinas—are a traditional footwear of Menorca, Spain.

Origin: Ciutadella, Spain

Our Favorite: Classic Style Women Tan Avarca | Avarcas USA

Another favorite that I’ve mentioned before (here...and here..) -- Pons are my go-to shoe for almost every occasion. Pons are ethically made by hand with sustainability and longevity in mind. 

AvarcasUSA exclusively features original Pons Avarcas, a family owned business located in Ciutadella and specialized in artisan Menorcan avarcas since 1945. The current manufacturers are the third generation of the Pons family that have proudly continued the family tradition. Pons avarcas are well known for being handcrafted in workshops where every last detail is given the utmost attention: from the raw materials, sourced 100% from Spain, used to their design and finishing, to achieve a product of the highest quality.

Equal Uprise

Artisan Brands You'll Love found at

Products: Baskets, blankets, pillows, rugs, wall hangings

Origin: Ecuador and Tunisia

Our Favorite: Alpaca Blanket - Charcoal Stripes – EQUAL UPRISE

Equal Uprise is a lifestyle brand that merges responsible production methods and simple modern design to create timeless accessories. Every piece is made with the highest quality materials and is absolutely one of a kind. 

Our collective efforts are helping create and sustain jobs for marginalized artisans from rural communities in Ecuador and Tunisia. The income created at the workshops I partner with is funding education for the children of the artisans and and in some cases, funding education for the artisans themselves. Additionally, each sale is funding improvements for the business of each artisan through our Business Development Program.


Artisan made products you'll love found at

Products: Unique Home Textiles

Origin: Bogota, Colombia

Our Favorite: Diamond Feijoa Green Pillow with Tassels — Zuahaza – Colombian Home Textiles

By collaborating with women artisans in Colombia to create modern textiles made using organic fabrics, natural dyes, and traditional techniques -- Zuahaza is a must follow. 

We are a group of passionate artisans and designers crafting home textiles between our creative lab in Bogotá and our production studio in Charalá, Colombia. We are a team of women from diverse cultural backgrounds sharing one national territory, and one common mission: to preserve and revitalize our traditional crafts through collaborative design and knowledge exchange.

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