"Women need one another."

Hi ya'll! Its Heather here. I just wanted to introduce you to one of our Ixchel Triangle ambassadors, Heidi Pasley. She shared something with our ambassador group that I thought was worth sharing here. If you have some time please read her lovely words about the importance of connection and communing with other women. 

"Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to meet up with some lovely ladies through Ixchel Triangle
The company itself is a testimony of women supporting the gift and blessing of culture and heritage. Over wine and food, four of us who hadn’t all met in person until that night, shared openly about our families. Mostly the grandmothers.
We shared about the heirlooms passed down to us from our grandmothers or the precious items we wished we’d had. I wore my over-a-century-old gold locket my grandmother and her mother wore (we all three have the same birthstone). 
We talked about how cultures outside of the US seem to have held on to their heritage and traditions so much better than we have. All of us expressed this desperation of having a culture of our own. Especially the traditions that women have been a part of for most of our history! 
The Red Tent came up in conversation and it was the first I’d heard of it. How women who lived in close proximity of one another and spent their days together, would sync up during their menstural cycle. The men woul send them all to a tent where they could “bleed together” and share stories, support one another…just be together. I LOVE this! Of course I’m not a huge fan of a period (but hey, they gotta happen for us to be healthy, right?), but I love this idea that for as long as we’ve been around…
Women need one another.
And women need their heritage, their culture.
While we shared these sweet stories, I kept thinking to myself…I don’t have a culture. I don’t even know what I am. I guess I’m Scottish, German, French, and married into an English last name. But my family is so Americanized that we’ve lost or never knew the traditions of our ancestors. 
The next morning I called my mom to talk to her about my night. She agreed with me about the culure aspect of our family. But then I had an epiphany. The keepstakes, the heirlooms. THOSE are part of my heritage. My story. My locket. The milkglass. Even the wedding dress my mom and I made for my wedding day. THOSE are part of my heritage.
The culture can be created. I have the power within to create a culture around me that brings back women supporting one another. YOU can do this, too, you know? I believe a lot of us in this social media day and age are longing so much for connection. 
But we’re connecting in a way that has removed us from what our bodies and souls are longing for and were created for. 
-Heidi Pasley
If you would like to read more about health wellness and just straight up goodness from Heidi, please visit her beautiful website www.heidipasley.com.



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