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Recently I took a trip out to Phoenix to meet up with the lovely Megan Robinson. Not only is she a superb wedding photographer, but she also has a heart of gold. She showed me the ropes and after 2 days I was thinking "I could live here." The desert heat, cactus, amazing sunsets, good restaurants. We spent some time at the lovely Royal Palms Hotel, a spanish colonial home built in 1929 with long stretching corridors and spanish tile. It had the essence of Guatemala and made me miss the secret gardens and hidden courtyards. It was the perfect substitute/backdrop, when Antigua the origin of our beautiful bags is out of reach, to take some photos for the never ending need of images.
Something we believe that defines our bags is intricacy with simplicity.  Guatemala has an uncanny ability to combine bright colors and vines and trinkets and yet still look simple to me.  Its like an ordered chaos.  And with that, we often think simple/minimal wardrobe, such as Amae Co. and Pyne and Smith Clothiers, are great compliments to our products. There is no plug here, we really do love them and are proud to wear them! 
Life is full of yin and yang, chaos and order, love and pain, simple and detailed, and maybe the point is to find the thankfulness in all of it. And on a practical note if your looking to spice up your purse and spice down your wardrobe, check out our bags and pair them with one of the links in this post ;)  
with love and thankfulness!

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