Show up work hard and make something beautiful.

Continuing our theme of admiral women, we would love to introduce you to Desiree Buchanan, the founder and creator of POPLINEN.

Desiree began her journey with Poplinen one year ago after a journey through working with start-ups. She uncovered a passion for inclusion and sustainability in fashion. Desiree began her company unknowingly by wearing clothes that she designed and had made in her hometown LA. When coworkers and friends wanted to know where her staple work pieces came from, her wheels started turning. She began reaching out to deadstock fabric suppliers and pattern makers to create clothes for her friends. As her company began to develop, Desiree knew from the beginning she would not compromise on her values and what her company would stand for.

"We're building a community for all women searching for a better way to purchase sustainable, higher quality styles that look and feel good, all while not breaking the bank."

From browsing the Poplinen website you will find that you can easily access plus sizes and see models that represent a variety of body types and skin tones. Her desire for both sustainability and inclusivity in fashion has created a line of “comfortable clothing that does not compromise on style.”

Poplinen is built on serious intentionality. In every decision Poplinen creates space for women to feel confident in what they are wearing. Being an eco-conscience driven business, their decisions are positively impacting the environment.

Desiree has worked hard in a male dominated industry and notes that as a female entrepreneur you do have to work a bit extra in order to prove yourself. Desiree is kind with a voice full of humility. Her goals include helping people understand the reason making decisions towards sustainability and inclusion are worthwhile. She believes in building connection through honest conversation and open dialogue.

Desiree is inspired by fashion icon Coco Chanel. Not just for her notable accomplishments in the industry, but because of her “grit and grace.” She loves Coco’s story because of how empowering it is that she came from a time where women were second class and worked from being an orphan to icon. In the face of adversity, Coco kept showing up and working hard and ultimately made something beautiful.

Desiree hopes to leave you with this encouragement. When you face failures or the highs and lows that will come on your journey towards creating beauty; remember your values. She states that we must “know our worth. So often we get caught up in our own fear.” As we show up day to day, we must be patient with our process and allow the reason why we do what we do to be the north star that guides our decisions and next steps.

Thank you for your courage and example Desiree! 


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