Not having social media, the new trend

I've heard recently from multiple sources that a new trend is beginning in the younger generation. They are actually deleting all social media accounts. Can I just say, dear Lord, thank you its about damn time! I mean, its easy to stay connected and let your aunt Gladdis who lives three states away see pictures of your kids, but as with everyone, I often feel a sense of doom with where social media is heading and its affects on our psyche. 

We aren't just sharing a few memories or highlights with the people we care about. We are integrating it in every aspect of of lives like an addictive drug. Have you seen that Black Mirror episode? It so pointedly shows self obsessed creatures who care more about their liking rating, followers, and the presented self, at the expense of sustainable real relationships and self confidence. We all know it exists, and I think we all feel it sometimes when scrolling down the pages. 

From a businesses standpoint, as of today, social media is necessary, as a large percentage of sales comes through marketing on these channels. But from a human stand point, I'm elated that the younger generation is choosing to unplug a bit. We do not want to end up like characters from Wall-E in our robotic chairs, staring at screens all day (ahem ) with no real human interaction. The only way to counter this is to begin having face to face conversations with our heads up. So, may I recommend we take a cue from this younger generation XYZ or whatever they are called nowadays, and try to take small steps back from social media. 



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