Meet the Maker: Julia

The artisans we partner with are what makes Ixchel Triangle bags so truly special. Each bag is dreamed of, designed, and brought to life in Guatemala -- and it would not be possible without the brilliant artisans on our team. 

As part of our “Meet the Maker” blog series, today we highlight Julia -- one of the creatives behind our beautiful weavings. 

ixchel triangle master weaver artisan

Tory (our founder) and Julia were first introduced my Tory’s grandma, who moved to Guatemala when Tory was a young girl. As Tory was establishing Ixchel Triangle, her grandmother knew she loved the natural dye process and wanted to incorporate it into the business. She had been looking for the right artisans to work with who were experts in natural dye and weaving and who were also quality workers whom we could trust with new designs. This is when Tory’s grandma introduced her to Julia. 

Guatemalan weavers gathering natural materials

Julia is a master weaver at a co-op of women near Lake Atitlan. She was pregnant with her daughter Marcelina when they first met about seven years ago. Marcelina and Tory’s youngest, Tigerlily, have been friends their entire lives. 

bags handmade by artisans


“I knew these were quality people whom I could trust and wanted to work with.” - Tory Jones

Julia has been weaving since she was a young child as is the custom for backstrap Weavers and Guatemala. Her mother, Ana is also one of our master Weavers here at Ixchel Triangle. As a single mother, it is of the utmost importance to Julia to teach her daughter the traditions of weaving.

traditional backstrap Weavers in Guatemala gathering natural materials

Those who know her know that Julia is gracious and kind, as well as creative and industrious. Her expression of gratitude is contagious. If you’ve ever loved one of our many beautiful weavings here at Ixchel Triangle, chances are you have Julia to thank for it!

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