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Lets be neighbors

Posted by Tory Jones on

With the recently released documentary of Mr Rogers I've been reminded of a few simple truths.

God loves you, even if this world and the people in it tell you otherwise. Fred Rogers was an ordained minister who's mission was to love others because that's what Christians are called to do.

If you don't like something, change it. Fred once said that he hated television. So, what did he do? Created a show that was the exact opposite of everything he thought was wrong with TV. 

Stand with those in the margins. Sometimes the most effective way to make a difference in the world is to simply demonstrate compassion and solidarity with those who are marginalized.

Keep things simple. There is no need to over complicate life. Children and adults alike don't need the newest trend or flashiest things. What we need is human connection. We need to be seen and heard by others. To realize there is someone in this world who loves us, just the way we are.



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