Hello Blogging

We here at Ixchel Triangle are passionate about our mission and passionate about our company. We are not so passionate about self promotion. Its a tricky thing to constantly learn and push new marketing strategies and frankly, we don't love it. 

But our story is important and if we want people to understand it, to know it, we must start sharing more. Not for more customers and more numbers, but for those who believe in the mission as well. By sharing and interacting more people can trust and know they are supporting a small business who believes in empowering humans and believes in a historical story that we are all a part of.  

So with that said we are embarking on a blogging adventure and we would love for you to follow along! Thank you for making this journey a possibility. Thank you for supporting artisans. That is our pulse and direction. 

with love, 

the ixchel team

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