goodbye summer hello fall.

I'm a summer gal. Here in Redlands, CA we have very warm summer days and nights and this year we are having a bit of an Indian Summer which I'm thankful for.  But as with life, the seasons change and theres no point in resisting the change. I read yesterday that up to 90% of our thoughts are irrelevant because we as humans have a tendency to live life in either fantasy or anxiety about future events that will never occur. The chaos in our mind robs us of the ability to experience life. Unless we are focused on this moment, what's happening now, we might miss what's happening in life. The key is to embrace the present, and if I want to be warm, chop wood for my wood burning stoves. They actually heat my home pretty well haha.  

So today I noticed the leaves are just now beginning to turn, and the sunlight is a little more dim casting a glowing tone rather then a bright one. Fall is beautiful. Summer was beautiful. And we again are having some rather big changes at Ixchel Triangle. We are moving into a new office in downtown Redlands, which is ironic because we haven't blogged on here since our last move.  Its going to be a big clean up job, but again we are ready for the challenge.  We also will be having a new little addition to the Ixchel family, but more on that later. 

2016 has been a year of change for so many people in my life, including myself. So what we hope for you is whether you have had good changes, uncomfortable changes, or seemingly bad changes, that the the changes are gifts of growth for you. My hope for you is you can exist in the present and not worry about the future or the past. Today there will be people placed in front of you, people placed in front of me, and in that moment, that is the most important person in your life and the most important moment in your life.

Sending you warm wishes and a good start into the holiday season!


New office Address:

Ixchel Triangle

333 Orange St. 2nd Floor

Redlands, CA 92374

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