Food, water, and compliments.

Recently a complete stranger gave me such a great compliment that it made me smile for two days. Imagine that, a few kind words from someone actually made my days brighter. It's so simple, free, and easy. Yet, how common is it to actually pass out these words? It doesn't happen as often as it should and definitely not as much as unkind or meaningless words are dulled out. So, if I think something nice about another person, I've started telling them. From superficial and simple things like "you have beautiful eyes" or "great legs" to more meaningful thoughts like "you're such a loving parent" or "you have an amazing work ethic." Not only does it make the recipient feel seen or valued, but I guarantee you'll begin to feel better too. It's kinda weird but true. Being nice to someone or loving on them with a few simple words of affirmation is one of the easiest feel good things you can do. Chris Rock said "There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments." I'm no scientist, but I can't disagree. So, next time you have a nice thought about someone, I encourage you to say it!



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