Ethical Brands We Love Series: Wild Alabaster

In honor of our latest collaboration, The Wanderlust Collection, we are featuring our good friends at Wild | Alabaster as our featured ethical brand this month! Wild | Alabaster is a handcut and crafted, ethically sourced, and mindfully curated crystal and wellness shop. They believe as we do that true wellness encompasses a blend of mind, body, religion, ritual and science.

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Being an Ethical Leader for Crystal Vendors

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Crystals can be a powerful tool for creating and setting intentions, as well as returning to balance and fullness with oneself. However, where and how the crystal is taken from the earth plays a huge role in the energy it omits. If you care to do any digging, tracking down where most crystals are sourced on popular crystal websites is often cloudy at best. Many crystals are mined in countries with little to no labor and environmental regulations, and many come from large-scale U.S. mines that have contaminated ecosystems and drinking water. When using crystals to invigorate your sense of wellness, it is impossible to fully appreciate and benefit from gifts of the earth if we are abusing the earth or people in the process. 

Wild Alabaster not only offers full transparency on where their crystals are sourced from, but every single one of their wholesalers and mines have been heavily vetted by the founder, Rachael James.

A Word From Rachel

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“When I started using crystals I got a lot of side eye action- be it from people who thought I had really gone overboard with my hippie ways and by the crystals community who thought I wasn’t out there enough...none of that felt right to me.

I don’t believe you need to be a certain type of person to use crystals and have them in your home. I believe crystals and their beauty and magic belong to everybody.”

Going Above and Beyond

During Rachael's early research into crystals, she quickly learned not all crystals were created equal. In fact, many are dyed glass advertised as crystals, machine cut or laboratory made. The crystals at Wild | Alabaster are 100% natural, which means no two crystals will ever be the same. Our stones that are shaped (towers, spheres, palms, free forms, etc.) are all cut and shaped by hand. Each crystal represents something unique and beautiful straight from the earth!

One of their core values is to offer affordable pricing because they believe everybody should have access to earthy magic. Every crystal is hand selected, cleared and cleansed using a combination of methods including reiki, moonbathing, sun baths, smoke, sound vibration and essential oil cleansing.

The Wanderlust Collection

The Wanderlust ethically sourced Collection

Our collaborative partnership, The Wanderlust Collection, was curated with the traveler and adventurer in mind. When the collection is stripped down, it’s core theme is protection. We live in a fast paced, electronic heavy, often emotionally unbalanced world… and it can take a toll on us as we go about our lives.  This collection features powerful tools derived from the earth that we can use to create harmony in the midst of chaos. This collection focuses on combating electromagnetic pollution, helping us ground us to the earth, and helping balance and rewild us. The Wanderlust collection was curated with all of this at heart, intentionally and purposefully. Curated Crystals For A Modern Life.

Do us a favor and check out this gorgeous collection, and give Wild | Alabaster a follow on Instagram if you aren’t already!



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