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Meet Tory Jones.

Tory Jones is a talented, strong, compassionate, driven woman and mother of three. She is the creator of IXCHEL TRIANGLE, an incredible brand that works with artisans in Guatemala to bring you intricate handmade pieces.

Although Ixchel Triangle opened its doors in 2013, its journey began much earlier. Tory’s love for the people of Central America developed at a young age when her grandmother moved to Guatemala. Her childhood was adorned with vibrant colors, beautiful textiles, and artisanal products. “I loved the unique beauty of everything my grandma would bring to the States.”

Tory’s first personal encounter with the culture of Guatemala was in 2009. During this trip, Tory was overwhelmed by the love, energy and history artisans poured into every hand-made item. These unique pieces are delicately woven into her own family story and are now are apart of her future story. Tory is elated and honored to share a small piece of Mayan culture through Ixchel’s unique designs.