working solely with individual artisans and co-ops

honoring the process of slow techiniques

preserving culture through continuing education

Meet the Ixchel Triangle Team

together we will create, renew, grow, and learn

Every Ixchel Triangle item that is purchased by you directly supports a reciprocal and beneficial relationship with Guatemalan artisans, mother earth, and ourselves. The artisans are paid above market wages for their talents, and thrive as highly valued members of our team.

Their stories, innovation, and commitment to sustainable practices, are worth sharing and are an invaluable addition to the fabric of humanity.

The Mission

3 Steps We Take to Assure Our Bags are Ethically Made

Assuring our bags are ethically made is at the core of who we are at Ixchel Triangle. We strive to use sustainable materials, naturally harvested and woven from the earth. We...

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