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nim 76
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nim 76

Our Nim bags are made with 100% hand woven upcycled huipils and are trimmed with genuine leather. All woven fabrics used have had a previous life as a mayan blouse and are distinctively unique to the region and person who wove them. By carrying this bag you are prolonging the life and culture of Guatemala. Further, each bag is signed by the artisan who constructed it. We recommend spot cleaning only. 


  • exterior front pocket at huipil neckline
  • exterior zippered pocket
  • removable cross body/shoulder strap
  • interior zippered pocket
  • metal hardware 
  • cotton lining


  • 12"H, 14"W, 5"D
  • handle drop 5"


Ixchel Triangle Bags

Our bags are new, but their souls are old. Ixchel Triangle bags have had a prior life as a Huipil [ˈwipil], and these beautiful hand loomed works of art have been repurposed into the amazing bags we have created. Each product is filled with the history, tradition, and culture of the indigenous Mayan women who wore and continue to wear them. Ixchel Triangle bags, not unlike the women who wove them, are urbane, alluring, and have the strength to carry more than expected. I am honored to give them new life and purpose.


Weaving with the backstrap loom is the traditional style of weaving in the Mayan culture. Women in the highlands of Guatemala are using the same techniques as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.  A strap is used around the weavers back while the other end of the loom is secured to a tree or post. While weaving, the woman leans back, thus using her body weight to control the tension on the loom. 


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