New Nich and Mini Clutches Available!

Shaking off the old to make room for the new.

We are so happy to launch our new website and offer our new leather collection. We appreciate your patience as we walked through the transition. You know the usual emails not working and such....phew we are glad that is over and most of the kinks are figured out :).  We are also thrilled to have a place to blog on our website in order to fill you in on our news and life stories.

I think for our first blog it is most fitting to introduce the owner Tory Jones. Ixchel Triangle was recently featured on Darling Magazines blog. If you haven't heard of Darling Magazine, you need to!  In this interview Tory shared her heart and story.  I'm proud to be working for such an amazing woman! I will share one of the questions/answers here but check out the Embodied Explorer: Tory Jones of Ixchel Triangle to see the rest!  We love you guys and are so thankful for being apart of Ixchel Triangle's journey!



Darling Magazine: The Art of Being a Woman

DM: Each bag, like each huipil, is unique. How are you hoping that translates to not only your product’s design, but to your customers as well?

Tory: My hope is that my customers will view each product as a work of art and a labor of love. Each bag is created by a unique human being, not by a machine, for each customer to own. I believe our customers are unique with their own story, dreams, and desires. I like the idea of offering a product that is special for them. Who knows why a person is drawn to a particular huipil, but maybe it’s a bit of destiny.

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